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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

Reverse IP Domain Checker tool can be used to find for domain names hosted on the same IP address (same shared server). This is common since most people use shared hosting which is very affordable (cheap because every dedicated ip address starts about $2 per month fee) because all websites share the same dedicated server with one IP address. Just enter a domain name or an IP address to get a list of domain names that share the same IP address.

Reverse IP Lookup tool will return a list of gTLD and ccTLD domains added to the subject IP address after our earliest record update for that IP address. Results may not reflect all domains added to the subject IP address.

How does the reverse IP lookup tool work?

First you have to enter the IP address or the domain name you want to find matches for. If you enter a domain name we use the Google Public DNS to resolve it back to an IP address.

Then we send it to our server and we find matches for this IP address in the 250+ million domains database we have.

1. Number of the domains associated with the same IPv4 address (we currently do not support IPv6 addresses).

2. The corresponding IP address that the information is displayed for.

3. Which hosting company or data center currently uses this IP address.

4. Country of origin.

5. Autonomous system network that the IP address is registered with.

Below this information you can see an excerpt of up to 1000 domains that are hosted on this IP. If there are more than 1000 results (you can see the total) you can contact us and we can send you a full list of the websites that are hosted on this server for free.

Ip lookup

We also have an IP lookup tool which will come in handy when searching for more IP-related info. It provides highly accurate IP geolocation data that is updated regularly and interconnected with other Spyse data for much broader results.