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Every website's performance majorly depends on how quickly it loads. If your site loads faster, your bounce rate decreases. The Website Page Checker Tool by RankWatch is a free tool that performs size check on a website's page size. It tells you about the page size of your site in KB. By using this tool, you no longer have to worry about how to check web page size. It works like a magic tool that you can use to check website size online in a matter of only a seconds. An average small web page size is estimated to be 12 KB and that will load very quickly. The more media on a page, the bigger the page size and the slower it will load. Embedded videos, images, audio, graphics, flash, and other forms of media will increase your page size. First things first, it’s important for the health and performance of your website that you know the size of your website but how to know the total size of a website? That’s where website page size checker or page size inspector comes into play.

Why website page size matters

If you ask yourself about the proper dimension of your website, you are on the right way. In reality, the width of the page is a key factor in website design. If you decided to choose the width that is larger than the user’s screen resolution, soon you will notice that the website doesn’t fully fit in the browser, and a horizontal scroll bar will appear. As a result, the user might not see some of the necessary information or will be uncomfortable working with your project. The result will be one – reduction of behavioral factors.

Website size directly impacts on loading speed. Speeding up websites is important — not just to site owners, but to all Internet users. Faster sites create happy users. Recent data shows that improving site speed also reduces operating costs. Google Webmasters

In another hand, if you set a too small width, especially if the content part of your website is quite thin, then, again, your website will have a look of uncomfortable one too.

How is the Size of a Webpage Determined?

Web page size as reported by the Web Page Size Checker tool is based on the size of the source code for the site. This includes the full HTML source code, but not attached files or external CSS. Files that are called separately within source code should be checked individually.

When you enter an URL, our tool fetches the full source code of a web page, and determines the size in kilobytes (KB) of the source code text. We then convert it into bytes and megabytes (MB) to give an idea of how hefty the web page is.

Does Web Page Size Include Image Size?

No, the tool only calculates source code size. This tool does not check the size of embedded images, videos, or other content that might be displayed on the page.

Why Does Web Page Size Matter?

The main reason that you would be concerned about web page size is for performance reasons, or for testing and website analysis. Generally on a modern broadband connection, the size of the source code is less important than the content of the page.

Checking Website size using Website Page Size Checker

The Page Size Calculator Tool is one of best Website Page Size Checkers available in the market. It is not just because our tool is 100% free to use, and neither it is because of how instantly it produces the reports; the main reason for our Website Page Size Checker Tool to be the one of the most favourable Page Size Calculator is its convenient usage.

You do not have to spend hours to understand the working of our Page Size Calculator, neither do you have to go through the page sizes guide or anything. You need to enter just the URLs you want to track page sizes of and hit the 'Calculate Page Size' button. And you are done!

The Page Size Calculator will run the inspection and produce the report within seconds.

Reduced Page Size is Equal to Reduced Loading Speed

There are many ways in which you can minimize the size of your page. For instance, you can optimize your images by appropriately scaling them. It is evident for a picture of 2000 X 2000 pixels to take a long time to load as compared to an image of 200 X 200 pixels. We recommend you to always scale your images before using them on your site. For this purpose, you can utilize DupliChecker’s free online image compression tool that will reduce the size of your images without comprising its quality.

Also, you are advised to set up browsing caching on the server.