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1. What are Meta Tags?

When you formulate a Search Engine Optimisation strategy for your site, Meta Tags are considered as one of the most influential elements of it. They are crucial for the on-page optimisation of your website.
Meta Tags is a single head that includes numerous sub-heads. Aside from that it checks whether you are using the right meta tags for you website. It also assess whether your meta title tags, meta keyword tags, meta description tags and meta robot tags are placed into their right place.

2. Why Do Meta Tags Matter

Meta Tags can affect the way that users see your site in the search results and whether or not they actually click through to your site.
How valuable sharing on social media and ranking in Google are for your site determines how significantly you should focus on your meta tags

3. The Most Important Meta Tags For SEO in 2020

I personally focus on the 8 major Meta tags which can improve the optimization of your startup business or running website.

I am sharing my opinions about them all below:

    Title tag
    Meta description
    Canonical Tag
    Alternative text (Alt) Tag
    Robots meta tag
    Social Media Meta Tags (Open Graph and Twitter Cards)
    Responsive Design Meta Tag

Title tag

The Title tag is the very first HTML element that specifies your web page for search engines and to visitors. The Title element supports all browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.

Always add your Title tag in the <head> section of your site.

<title>This is Title Sample</title>

Optimal length for the Title tag: Google typically shows 55-64 characters (keep it under 60).

4. Use our free analyzer until all is green!

Although the free Meta tags Analyzer is compiled accurately and Meta tags strives for providing correct and complete information, the Analyzer is solely meant as a service product. The explanation, information and the comments may be regarded as general advice. That is, your personal objectives were not taken into account when preparing this information.

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5. How to Use our Meta Tag Analyser

You just need to simply put the URL of your website and it will give you complete information about your web page, and you can decide whether it is search engine friendly or not. If you want to create the SEO friendly meta tags let's try the meta tag generator which lets you create meta information for any website.