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About Google Malware Checker

The term malware, short for "malicious software," refers to any software specifically designed to harm a computer or any software it has installed. Our Google Malware Checker help you in securing the reputation of your website from potential threats like inflicting of viruses and phishing. Phishing is a type of activity that often involves financial fraud, infringement on intellectual property, and stealing of consumer data. . Malware may include, but is not limited to, viruses, worms, spyware, adware, and Trojan horses.

Containers are automatically scanned for malware. If malware is detected, the affected container will be flagged. Google Tag Manager will not fire tags that point to sites where malware is found.

Why is it important?

There are some websites also exists that are created for just phishing purpose. These websites are for just stealing visitor’s information and login credentials. Google mark these sites as malicious websites, Using this tool we can know whether it is malicious or harmful for us or not.

How does “Google Malware Checker” tool works? presents to you a very handy and simple “Google Malware Checker” tool. Just click on it and you are inside the functional area. Here you can see a box to fill out with the URL. This is going to be the URL about which you are conscious to investigate. After providing a complete and correct URL in the box just click the button “Check Malware”. When you click the button a new window will popup immediately. Don’t you worry at all! This is actually a call to Google Malware’s Official site and you will find the results efficiently. So, our tool helps you avoid to bear extra load of searching for Google’s official webpage to perform this check about malware.

Google Malware checker is a free and useful tool that helps you to check out the website is malware infected or not. This tool indicates and shows an alert message if a specific website is malware infected. Users and website owners both can use this tool to identify, is a website safe for them or not? It only takes some seconds for this tool to show results.

Our tool is a great tool to check malwares; it is a simple, fast and wonderful tool. The coolest thing is that this tool is 100% free and no registration needs to use it.

Secure yourself From Malwares

Malwares are usually used to destroy or steal your data. So it is crucial to detect malwares and avoid from there. Malware Checker detects malware on every webpage you visit and detects whether they are safe for browsing or not. To avoid from viruses and malwares keep install any famous anti-virus and keep it update. Before visiting any website that you have doubt may be it is malware infected, use this free online Tool to check the status of the website.