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About Domain into IP

The Domain into IP tool lets you check a domain name for different IP addresses. Therefore, it lets you save time since you can convert it by just entering the correct URL on the interface. No wonder why this is considered as the best domain to IP checking tool existing today.

How does it work?

  • Enter a list of domain names, one-per line, and click "convert."
  • Our servers look up the IP Address for each domain.
  • We'll provide a list of corresponding IP addresses.

What is domain and IP?

Like every person has a name, every website is has a name too. In the technical world, the name is called IP i.e. Internet Protocol. Your website’s IP is a bunch of numbers separated by a few full stops. It is how worldwide webs started operating. However, if people had to remember a set of numbers like a mobile phone number for every website they want to access, it would have been a disaster. It is not that human brain that can contain all this information. This is when computer experts came up with domain. A domain is an alphabetical, symbolist and numerical name associated with your website. So when you search for the seo company moz and opens up, it is that is the website’s domain.