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A web hosting service provider is a type of online business that offers website owners the technologies and services needed to make the website or web page available for viewing on the World Wide Web. Web hosting services include providing a website with storage space for web documents and databases. They also offer email services and other services that are needed in maintaining a website.

From time to time, you might notice some websites you become interested in. For instance, it might be your new competitor’s site or just some web portal with superb (or inferior) loading speed. ‘Who is hosting this?’ you may be wondering.

Imagine another situation: you want to transfer your domain or connect it to a web hosting provider. “Who is hosting my domain?” is what you’ll probably want to know.

Free web hosting checker special features

So how to find out who is hosting a website? Enter its URL and press ‘Check.’ In a few moments, you’ll get the report, featuring the following information:

This free online tool allows users to find out who is hosting any website.

To use this website host checker, simply enter the URL of the website that you would want us to look up and then click on the “Check Hosting” button. The results will be displayed instantly.

This free online website host checker is perfect for new website owners who are canvassing for web hosting companies that could provide them with the best web hosting service and uptime guarantee.

Where is this site hosted: the server details

The first part of the report tells you who hosts this site. The second tab answers the question “Where is this site hosted?”. There you will find its IP address, site’s server location (country, city, and region), and name of the organization managing it.

You might wonder why the server location is in the host lookup tool report. The proximity of the server is essential as it influences the loading speed. The closer the server is to the target audience – the faster the data will transfer. Some web host providers even charge extra for choosing a specific server location. To check where a specific IP address is, try our Free IP Checker.

When you want to check hosting of any site, enter required information in the provided text field. Our state-of-the-art domain hosting checker tool starts to evaluate that website and search for all hosting providers.

After monitoring the website ultimately, it displays results which comprise off complete information regarding the hosting of the website.

It completes all the processes in an instant and shows results in seconds.

How to evaluate a hosting?


A generous uptime guarantee backed by reasonable terms of service is a good indication of a hosting provider who will work hard to keep your website online.


Speed is everything! The faster the site, more traffic and conversions and more income to your business.